I was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago and have very discerning taste buds. Most gluten free baked goods do not live up to my standards, but I buy Josef ’s [cookie squares]over and over again. My 2 year old granddaughter loves them and she doesn’t even have to eatthem. – J.C.

My wife has Celiac and really enjoyed these cookies. So much so that I cannot testify as to the taste (she ate them all). –T.E.

We have tried other Oreo® type cookies, and my son did not like the taste. I have to hide these from him or he will eat them all in one sitting. Great to have, since now he can have these while his brother eats aregular Oreo®s. – G.K.

My son loves these! Once you open the bag, you can smell the chocolate. I even enjoyed a couple.
Great snack to add to a lunchor eat on the go.
 – S.F.R.